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PSA designs outreach and engagement programs tailored to the project goals
and community needs; no single public and stakeholder involvement plan is alike. Successful plans must provide constituents a variety of opportunities to meaningfully contribute to a decision—it’s simply not enough to host a meeting
and expect people to show up.

Coupled with sound and innovative technical work, building consensus that leads
to the approval, action, and implementation of policy decisions is fundamental to PSA. To achieve this goal, PSA uses state-of-the-art communication and creative engagement techniques to educate and involve people in the process.

Our engagement approaches have included a variety of activities, ranging from
classic workshops, focus groups, retreats, and interviews to innovative and
interactive environments where participants visualize the consequences of
decisions or scenarios and provide feedback virtually.

While PSA has been at the forefront of using Internet-based communication,
feedback, and social media tactics, our experience has taught us that some
of the most successful strategies are the simplest and lead us to where people
interact on a regular basis—the local coffee shop or diner. Our approach to outreach and communication is to implement strategies that are unique, diverse, and most importantly, proven effective. Our careful craftsmanship of engagement processes ultimately lead our clients to consensus-driven products.

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