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strategic planning

PSA are experts in transforming organizations from scattered to focused by
assessing where an organization is, determining where it wants to go, and
designing an effective strategy to get there.

We assist our clients in creating a vision, exploring possible futures, identifying
policies and strategies to achieve the vision, and developing a strategic plan to
ensure implementation. Planning strategically is an especially important element
of today’s successful organizations: while revenues are shrinking, our challenges
are growing. PSA designs plans where resources, financial and human, are
efficiently utilized by refocusing activity that forwards a clear mission and helps
to realize the defined vision.

We provide a range of strategic planning services, from routine organizational maintenance (including facilitating leadership retreats) to designing long-range planning tools that define organizational mission, prioritize service delivery, and measure institutional effectiveness.  PSA’s strategic and economic development
plans are designed to embrace a world of constant change while ensuring the
values of the organization are not compromised.

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